CFC Legendary Extended Public Mint

Mint Price:
6,000,000 $CFC + 5 ADA

› Wallet Address:

**Please read all the details below carefully: **
  1. Send exactly 6,000,000 (6 million) $CFC and 5 ADA (transaction fee) to the minting wallet.
  2. Maximum mint per transaction: 1 NFT. For example, Minting 1 Legendary Fighter: Send 6,000,000 $CFC + 5 ADA. You will get the excess ADA back after the transaction. (Roughly around 3 ADA)
  3. Double check the wallet address you are sending to.
  4. Keep your transaction hash in case there are any problems and will be needed for future assistance.
**The following are prohibited: **
  1. Sending NFTs.
  2. Sending from exchange.
  3. Sending more than the required $CFC and ADA.
  4. Anything sent other than the required amount of $CFC and ADA will be lost.